Xbox 360 Emulator

Xbox 360 Emulator

The Xbox and the Xbox 360 is a video game consoles manufactured by Microsoft. There are many Awesome Video games Created for only Xbox and Xbox 360 Consoles. Emu360 Team Found way to play Xbox games on PC platforms.
We Present New Generation Xbox 360 Emulator Called Emu360 V2 For Windows and MAC. is Xbox 360 Emulator project. We are working hard more than three years to build sucessfully working xbox 360 emulator for PC. Our Team has developed the really first working XBOX  Emulator and we present finally working Xbox 360 Emulator for your PC and Mac! We are always keeping it up to date to ensure that every Xbox 360 Game is working properly.
Please keep in mind, that this Emulator is only for testing purposes. To support the game Devolopers, please buy the Games in Official Microsoft Store or any other Internet Game Store. If you encounter any Problems or Bugs with it, dont hesitate to contact us via the Contact Form! Our Xbox 360 emulator should properly work (minimal system requirements) with any Core 2 Duo or higher rated CPU. For graphics cards, most newer (after 2008) GPUs should do fine. But Remember, that naturally, the more system resources available, the higher the ingame fps will be (along with less stutter/flickering)Emu360 v20 now support all  Windows operating system, including Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8. All in 32-bit and 64-bit versions And MAC os Too !

New Version V2 Released !

Xbox 360 Emulator

Whats new in V2:

  1. Minor bug fixes.
  2. Sound rendering fixes.
  3. Optimised requirements.
  4. Optimised Bios settings.
  5. MAC Support !
  6. Support 1080p Resolution.
  7. Added many new usefull functions and addons.

As you can see in our demonstration video  and in the freely available download version of the software, our xbox 360 emulator works and is compatible with most hardware and can play many of the currently available Xbox 360 games. As you can see in this video we show, How we play Red Dead Redemption on PC with our Emulator.

No virus, No Malwares, Absolutly Clean and safe.

Checked By VirusToatal

Download Full pack Xbox 360 Emulator + Bios+ Firmware updates.

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Or try to install beta version of this Xbox 360 Emulator

install Xbox 360 emulator beta

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